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Why hire a doula?

Enhance your birth experience...

A doula is a trained labor companion who provides both physical and emotional support to the mother and her partner throughout the entire labor, delivery and to some extent, postpartum. There to calmly help her cope with labor, as well as enable partners to be present at their own comfort level. 

A doula does not replace the father or partner.

Using various comfort measures, positioning suggestions, visualization exercises, breathing techniques, counter pressure, massage and a whole lot of gentle reassurance, doulas are shown to have a positive effect on birth. Among reducing discomfort, pain and anxiety in childbirth, women with the continuous support of their doula also have a...

  • decreased risk of c-section

  • decrease use of pitocin

  • decrease use of pain medications

As well as​...

  • Shorter labor

  • More success breastfeeding

  • Heightened mother-to-infant connection

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