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My Doula Services

Placenta Encapsulation
Lactation Specialist
Labor Support

Hasten your recovery and elevate your postpartum moods with your own, naturally made medicine. I pick up your placenta just after birth, clean and bless it, then dry it out, grind it up,  encapsulate it and get it back to you in capsule form within two days.


Everybody and every body is different, including babies. Happy to provide a second look at latch and ensure baby and mama are both getting the most out of the breastfeeding experience. 

(Included in birth package)

There to support your newborn family through the life changing experience of preparing for birth, provide continuity of care throughout labor, and offer support immediately postpartum.  

(More details listed below)



Enjoy your birth experience

Relish in your mother rising moment while using the support and knowledge of a trained and passionate birth professional. As your doula, I will be on call for you two weeks prior to and following your estimated due date. Should an unforeseen emergency arise, a previously agreed upon back up doula will be provided to assist with your birth. I bring my knowledge of alternative comfort measures, coping techniques, breastfeeding assistance, positive energy, and bag of doula tricks to each labor. Additional benefits of choosing me as your doula are:

  • 2 prenatal visits with me to prepare you for labor, birth, and postpartum

  • Uninterrupted support during labor & birth, includes comfort and coping suggestions

  • 2 postpartum visits to answer any questions, process your birth, connect you with additional resources, and most importantly...hold space for you mama

  • Available via text or phone call for questions or additional information from date contract signed & deposit made

As a mother who has had two completely different births, neither of which went as planned, I can see the beauty in the unexpected. I am there to help you feel comfortable, encouraged, and supported through your birth experience so that it may be a memory you look back on fondly as the birth of not only your new baby but your new self. I am not there to judge, make decisions on your behalf, or pressure you to do things my way. 

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