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About Natasha

I'm an Oregon Coast mama doing my best to help nourish healthier, happier families for a healthier, happier planet.  I am dedicated to birth work, and guiding mothers and their birth partners through having the most satisfying birth experience as possible. I am not only there to comfort the mother, but help the father or other birth partners find healthy ways to be involved in the birth, or even just cover while you take a potty break or bite to eat. Having someone to share the task is so beneficial to any birth team. My own birth experiences have taught me just how powerful a strong, supportive presence can be during the childbirth journey as well as in those first precious moments as a newborn family. I began my birth doula Certification process in July 2018, and have quickly become happily engrossed in all things birth.

I am committed to nurturing new families into parenthood, while empowering them to make their own decisions. I offer my knowledge, informational resources, physical & emotional support, and positive energy to all my families prenatally, during birth, and postpartum. I have no agenda, I just want parents to feel elated when they recall and retell their birth story. I have zero interest in bullying you into having a baby on my timeline or using my personal pain preferences. Your body, your baby, your birth. 

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