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Is attachment style parenting right for you?

Updated: Dec 19, 2018

Parents eager to create a safe haven for their little ones to grow up in enthusiastically back the AP theory

In the last decade, a major shift in the parenting world has happened, and it's driving some folks absolutely bonkers. Is it really that new though? Doesn't any of this sound vaguely familiar from our history books?

A sensible approach that fosters both physical and psychological health in children.

Attachment style parenting started gaining a lot of attention back in 2012 when a controversial cover of Time Magazine displayed Jamie Lynne Grummet breast feeding her 3 year old son with the title "Are You Mom Enough?" Pre #normalizebreastfeeding movement, the cover and article were ahead of their time and raised some controversy, but got people talking.

Find balance, and don't assume a "one size fits all," approach to AP

The four key components in attachment style, child centered parenting are:

  1. Co-sleeping-either in the same room as the parents, or even in the same bed (bed-sharing) with the proper safety precautions.

  2. Feeding on demand-whether it's bottle of breast feeding, this involved allowing the child to set the timing of the feedings using their hunger cues.

  3. Holding & touching- cuddling, cradling, and BABY WEARING :D (backpack or wrap arrangement)

  4. Responsiveness to crying- Reacting to the child's distress early in the crying bout rather than letting the baby "cry it out," or letting the crying get out of control.

There is so much research out there that provides support that the attachment style parenting theory results in more empathetic children who cry less, have lower stress levels and feel more connected to people as they age. That being said, there are still many critics who insist that this much responsiveness spoils babies. There is a wide range of informative resources out there, so do some looking around yourself, and ultimately, go with your mama gut! What is right for one family may not be right for another, and you must not forget that.

Give yourself grace, mama. You're doing the best you can.

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