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The All Important 4th Trimester

In my doula training, we didn't just learn how Americans do things, we got to learn about the many beautiful ways that other cultures embrace birth and the sacred 4th trimester. A wise mentor once told me that "as a rule of thumb, have mothers spend the first week postpartum IN bed, the second week ON the bed, and the third week NEAR the bed." Rest, rest, and some more rest mama! Yet that can be a bit of a struggle for us westerners, used to our needs to constantly be productive, entertained, and keeping up social graces.

Birth is an event. It takes time to recover physically, mentally and emotionally. Give yourself grace as you adjust to life with this newborn, and reach out for support. Don't forget, soak up all those sweet baby snuggles❤

Allow cuddling to be a family event for an enriched bonding experience.

What was your very favorite postpartum ritual? Mine was lying in bed watching Grace & Frankie on Netflix while breastfeeding and snuggling my little man and watching the birds outside. I am fortunate to of had an incredible tribe of mothers around me who encouraged me to spend time with baby, and to give myself grace. I will be eternally thankful for the article I stumbled across one early morning about the postpartum period, and how the author explained the importance of simply being present and bonding with baby rather than trying to maintain the order we were accustomed to prior to having a tiny being need us around the clock.

So for now mama, lower your expectations for productivity of the great almighty to-do list, and enjoy this special time bonding with your baby.

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