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The D I R T Y Truth about Cloth Diapering

Bubs is 16 months now, and as we prepare to transition into a temporary tiny living space on the homestead, I prepare my beloved cloth diaper stash to pass it on to another mama. I enjoyed hand picking each diaper, even designed some, and am torn about seeing them go so soon💔 The fact that they are going to a mama who is dear to Orion and I's heart makes it a bit easier. . Curious? We had China cheapies, American made, custom made, woolies, pockets, AI2, AIO, prefolds, all different kinds of inserts...we've tried different wash routines, got the fits down pat, and learned our lessons about CD safe diaper rash cream. We learned some stuff. My unpopular belief: As fun as it was designing our own, you definitely don't need to go down that pricey road in order to cloth diaper successfully. For us, the Alva pockets and Nora's Nursery from Amazon (nicknamed China cheapies,) worked just as good as our name brand, more expensive ones. As adorable as they were, the customs were actually the most pain in the butt to clean, though they were the most trim and cutest prints. .

Stash Shot!

CLEANING! : well. Some folks like to say "it's just one more load of laundry." True...ish. I don't know about you, but I don't usually have to disassemble my laundry, or clip it into a "spray pal," poop shield, turn on a special attached hose on the toilet, and spray all the poop off before putting it into the washer for its RINSE cycle, then wash routine. When you're really busy or have multiple kiddos, this added chore can be a bit overwhelming depending on how many poops your baby has. You do however, just wash it with regular detergent and it's not at all complicated once you find your appropriate wash routine. . Bottom line....It's as simple or as complicated as you make it. I would absolutely do it all over again. It can be really rewarding knowing that you are doing your part for the environment as well as keeping harsh chemicals off your babies most sensitive areas. No diaper rashes, or blow outs. Keep it pretty simple and stress free by doing some research before hand and find out what kind suits your lifestyle best. Plus, FLUFF BUTT😍👌

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