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When we first got pregnant, my husband and I joked about how we weren’t “hippy” enough to have a doula. After working with Natasha, we became advocates for doulas and recommend Natasha to everyone we can think of - pregnant or not. Natasha is exactly the person that society wants and needs to be a doula. She is kind, loving, intelligent, and dedicated to this work. She supported my husband and I through pregnancy, delivery, and those tough postpartum weeks. After every encounter with Natasha, my husband and I would look at each other and say how grateful we were to have her. We are not even close to our next pregnancy, but my husband has clearly expressed his request to hire Natasha again next time, as she helped him during labor as much as she helped me. Natasha is an amazing person and a talented, educated doula. Her knowledge and heart will greatly benefit anyone’s pregnancy and labor journey.

-Jessica, Birth Doula Client

Giving birth to your child is one of the most important and intimate things you will do as a parent. Deciding who will be there during that precious time is a crucial decision that is made by the expectant parent(s). A Doula is a trained birth worker who can help you and your partner during this critical transition in your lives. We chose our Doula, Natasha Cox, because of her kindness, experience, and professionalism. Natasha is a compassionate and knowledgeable Doula who is wise beyond her years. She knew what words to say to encourage me to keep going when I thought I couldn’t. Natasha advocated for me and helped communicate my wishes to the medical staff. She helped me understand the process I was going through. Sometimes the staff were busy with work and would forget to tell me what was happening, and Natasha was there to ask questions, so I could hear the answers. I appreciated that Natasha was by my side. It made all the difference.

-Baylee, Birth Doula Client

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