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Benefits of Mama's Medicine

Made perfectly by you, for you...

The custom of ingesting placenta has been practiced for centuries, most commonly in traditional Chinese medicine. The placenta will be blessed, cleaned, steamed, dried, ground, and then placed into capsules. It is traditionally taken by the mother for it's numerous health benefits including:

  • Decrease in postpartum depression

  • Increase in milk production

  • Increase of oxytocin levels, causing uterus to contract back to normal size

  • Increase in stress-reducing hormone, CRH

  • Restoration of iron levels in blood

The process takes 1 to 2 days, and I like to get the capsules back to mother as soon as possible. I pick the placenta up just after birth, and bring it to you as soon as it is finished. 


(Discount given for doula clients.)

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